Treats: chocolate cottage

May 13, 2019
Treats: chocolate cottage

Today I show you part 3 of my PostausmeinerKüche package. I’ve built a nice-kitschy chocolate house.

chocolate house

Chocolate house? Are not they really made of gingerbread? Yeah, that’s right, but gingerbread was already available in a liqueur form and I’d rather like chocolate anyway. A few years ago I built such a small house for Christmas for all my dear friends and PostausmeinerKüche is a great reason to do it again! Although the safe sending has given me quite a headache. Ready for the recipe? Here we go!

Chocolate cottage recipe

Treats: chocolate cottage

For the house walls and the roof

  • 3 bars of chocolate
  • For bonding and for the floor
  • 1 bar of chocolate
  • 2 plates of white chocolate

For the sugar font

  • 1 egg white
  • A bit of salt
  • 150 grams of powdered sugar

For decorating

  • Whatever you like, I took gummi bears and smarties


How to do it

In principle, the Schokohäuschen is composed quickly, but in between there are always waiting times because the chocolate has to be solidified again. It works best if you make all the preparations in the evening and then put the house together the next day. Or simply bake cookies in the waiting time!

Build base area

It’s easy. Cut a piece of cardboard and wrap it several times with aluminum foil. Melt then a bar of white chocolate in a water bath and spread it evenly on the base. Let it dry nice.

Prepare house walls

Break 3 bars of chocolate exactly in the middle and lay them on a plate, with the smooth side up. Make sure that you align all the chocolate walls the same (as long or across), because the pieces are not 100% square and you could otherwise get problems later when assembling. Now you have four walls and two pieces of roof.

Prepare sugar script and paint walls

Sieve the icing sugar once. Then separate an egg and beat the egg whites with a little salt. Let in the icing sugar. Who likes it colorful can also add food coloring. Then fill the sugar sheet in a piping bag or freezer bag and paint or write on the walls what you want. The rest you can use to build snow mountains on the base plate. In the same step, I have already decorated the two pieces of roofing. For this I melted a little bit of white chocolate and glued Smarties and rubbery berries on it. This is also possible with sugar color, but it really tastes very sweet. Now let everything dry well.

Treats: chocolate cottage

Put together house

Gently melt a chocolate bar in a water bath. Then draw a line of chocolate (either with a piping bag or a spoon) onto the base and push in the piece of wall. Place the second piece of wall at a right angle next to it and walk this way all the way around until all the walls are upright. Let it help you, so that nothing falls over. Now you just have to let chocolate run down the corners, once inside, once outside, so that the walls hold together well. Press everything well and then wait until the chocolate has hardened.

Put the roof on

Check again if the walls have become firm and hold well. Melt some chocolate again and apply a strip to the two opposite side walls. Put both halves of the roof in the chocolate at the same time and lean them against each other in the middle. You would have to hold relatively well right. Glue the two halves together with chocolate at the top and maybe put on some gummy bears or smarties to hide the seam. Finished!

Treats: chocolate cottage

Have fun with replicas,


With this DIY gift tip we are in the process of making a Christmas present blogger parade of Wohnklamotte !

Here you will find the !


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Treats: chocolate cottage

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