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Search for Pastel

May 5, 2019
Search for Pastel

Last week was the wonderful new book “Pretty Pastel Style” by Selina Lake in my mailbox. I really like the vintage style in their books, so I had pre-ordered the new book for a long time.

Search for Pastel  After reading, I went to the search for pastel colors in our house and made a little something!

Search for Pastel  I do not use such soaps, but I took them to the Asia supermarket last week, because it smells so wonderful!

Search for Pastel  I love these old bowls from the flea market! They look so summerly fresh and somehow a bit like a circus …

Search for Pastel  I took the picture of the flamingos on our last visit to the zoo. The pinks are just the perfect pastel tone, right?

But now to my little tinkering! I have always smiled at it as a housewife hobby and never tried it – how stupid of me, because napkin technology does not have to look old-fashioned (and I’m a housewife, after all;))!

Search for Pastel  I had already painted the wooden plate some time ago. Yesterday I cut out fresh spring motifs from napkins and stuck them on the plate with decoupage glue (I love this stuff!).

Search for Pastel

I think the result is really good and I will definitely try some napkins! But if I start to work clay tiles with decoupage technique and decorate it with straw teddies – PLEASE TALK!

All the best! Catherine

Search for Pastel

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