Postcards wedding present

June 8, 2019
Postcards wedding present

Are you still looking for an original wedding present that the wedding couple has something for? I recently made the famous postcard wedding gift for a wedding and spiced it up with mottos to keep it from becoming dull.

Postcard game as a wedding gift

Postcards wedding present

The postcard game is already well known as a wedding present. 52 postcards are distributed to the guests, each with a week as a date, which will be sent to the wedding couple the first year on the respective date. Thus, weekly post with good wishes. So that not all guests write the same, I have come up with 52 mottos and made the postcards beautiful.

Postcards wedding present

You need that

… for the postcard wedding present

  • Labelmaker (I use this * online on Amazon, here * similar to Hema)
  • Maskingtape
  • Motiv punch (I prefer to use a wave edge * )
  • Sticker (I used heart stickers from heart and bow, via Partyerie * )
  • Colorful paper
  • paperclips
  • Paper for the address labels and instructions

You will also find a large selection of washi or masking tape, craft paper and stickers in the category Hobby from the HEMA online shop

… as packaging or for collecting for the bride and groom

  • A box of cases (found at Nanunana, now out of the assortment, but similar here online *)
  • Alternatively a nice box (cheap boxes are also available at Hema)

Postcards Wedding Gift – That’s how it works

Quite simple: Provide 52 postcards each with a shipping date (the week in which the card is to be sent) and a motto. I used Labelmaker, Maskingtape, Sticker and Motivstanzer and varied according to my mood. On each card I have stuck the address (on the same page, so that the front can be made completely free) and stapled with a paper clip a short manual.

Postcards wedding present

If you start by labeling the postcards, make sure that you do not overlook the mottos that have to be sent on a specific date (such as birthday greetings). The easiest way is if you print out a year-long overview and write the respective mottoes in the weeks. First distribute the fixed mottoes (Christmas) and then refill the rest. Then you can work the plan from start to finish without forgetting a week or getting confused.

Postcards wedding present

So that the wedding couple can keep the cards beautiful, I have decorated a small cardboard case. In it we also hid our wedding present and presented it to the bride and groom.

Postcards wedding present

If you distribute the cards to the guests, you have two options. Either you have the cards designed directly at the party and you collect them there again so that you can send them yourself or you ask the guests to send the cards. Of course, the first option has the advantage that you can make sure that the cards arrive safely (in that case remember to bring enough pens to the party!). But we have decided on the second option, so that the guests have some time to think up something creative and not spend the whole party with painting and crafts. So there is of course some danger that the sending is forgotten. Therefore, we asked in the manual to attach the card to the calendar with the paperclip.

Postcards Wedding Gift: Mottos

Here is our list of inspiration for you. There are not 52 mottoes, we just used some of them twice. Of course, you can customize the list individually for the bride and groom by picking up their hobbies. If the number of guests at the party is much bigger or smaller, you can of course adjust the number of cards (two per week or just 1 per month). Experience has shown that couples and families like to send a card together. For italics mottos the right shipping week is important!

  • Birthday greetings to … (the groom / bride / child)
  • Male Bride and Groom at their … (25th / 50th) Wedding Anniversary
  • Love goes through the stomach: My favorite recipe
  • Greetings for the first wedding anniversary!
  • Draw a nice picture of … (the bride’s dog / a bunch of flowers)
  • My best advice for a good idea
  • I’ll tell you my trick 17
  • Write a little poem about … (the marriage / the bridal couple / the love)
  • The most delicious cake I have ever eaten, you do so …
  • A nice memory … (to the bride / to the groom / to the party)
  • A funny reminder … (to the bride / to the groom / to the party)
  • Bride and groom fit together like … and …
  • Merry Christmas
  • Happy New
  • Happy Easter
  • I wish you…
  • My best joke
  • A nice saying
  • That helps against bad mood
  • Advent, Advent
  • My tip for the lottery numbers next week
  • Density one song for (the child of the newlyweds)
  • Freestyle .. think up a motto yourself
  • Voucher for…
  • I especially like that about you
  • wisdom
  • That’s how the 2014 World Cup will be
  • So I saw celebrating last week at the carnival
  • Write a short story
  • 10 reasons why the bride and groom belong together
  • My best tip for the coming week

Have fun,


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Postcards wedding present

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