Porcini mushrooms

June 8, 2019
Porcini mushrooms

Do you find it so hard to gift men? And even more difficult your own father, who anyway can always buy everything himself, what he wants (and then put these things wrapped in Christmas under the pine tree and is thievishly happy when in the end a pile of gifts are left for him ­čśë) ? Last week it was time again – birthday. And until the end, no idea what I could give him. But then my mom gave me an idea: porcini mushrooms!

Porcini mushrooms

No, not the food! But which for the garden, as a decoration, to put down! Something my dad had seen somewhere, but on the net were not to raise … and that’s why I’ve just made him some! Made of thick birch trunks and concrete. This is super easy and looks great:


  • Flash cement

  • water

  • Wooden stick or similar to stir

  • Mixing bowl

  • different sized plastic bowls

  • thick branches of a birch


  1. First, you have to cut the pieces of branch with a saw in the correct length (about 20 cm as a decorative object to put down and about 40 cm for burying in the garden).

  2. Then you put the branches in the middle of the bowls.

  3. Mix concrete according to the instructions and pour out the bowls. Shake everything and shake it so that the bubbles come up from the concrete. Lift the branch after a short time so that it does not rest on the bottom of the bowl. Allow to harden thoroughly and then carefully release from the mold.

Porcini mushrooms  What can I say, he was really happy! Are also something very special such thick porcini mushrooms made of concrete. If he places them in the garden, will I still try to seed them with moss so they look a bit more organic, let’s see if that works?

And now I’m going to browse a bit, on the Creadultay and the Upcycling Tuesday , there are still so many birthdays in May …

I wish you a creative week!

xoxo Johanna

PS My sister’s baby was born yesterday! Yeah, I’m aunt!

Porcini mushrooms

Porcini mushrooms

Porcini mushrooms

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