Pepernoten tiramisu

June 3, 2019
Pepernoten tiramisu

What is for the Germans gingerbread and speculoos, that are for the Dutch Pepernoten. No sooner is September than you are already being bombarded with them.

In the 8 years I live here, I could never quite understand the obsession of the Dutch people with the peppercorn-like, dry and hard biscuits. This Christmas, however, I have been able to develop a whole new enthusiasm for Pepernoten. Because I have discovered a Pepernoten tiramisu recipe that I do not want to withhold from you.

Ingredients for the Pepernoten Tiramisu

For 6 people in small glasses

  • 200g mascarpone
  • 200 g of cottage cheese
  • 200 ml vanilla vat or custard
  • 50 ml coffee liqueur
  • 200 ml of strong coffee
  • 500 g Pepernoten
  • 40 g of sugar

That’s how it’s done

Put on strong coffee first and put it in a bowl.

Then add the coffee liqueur to the coffee.

The quark, vla and the mascarpone are then stirred well until a smooth cream is formed. Who wants, can taste the cream with a dash of coffee liqueur.

Then the pepernoten are soaked in the coffee and put in the glass. Then comes a layer of cream and then a layer of Pepernoten and a last layer of cream on top.

You can still decorate with some cocoa and chocolate flakes. Then you put everything in the fridge for a few hours. Finished.

The Tiramisu is a bit powerful, by the way. Small portions are therefore ideal.

LG, Maike

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Pepernoten tiramisu

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