Now he can come!

May 27, 2019
Now he can come!

Gardening is not necessarily part of a perfect weekend, but yesterday, in fact, the sun was shining and we had to get out! In the spring, rather boring work on how to clean up and set up devices. Building a planting table was also on my To Do list so I would not be repotting on the floor repotting my flowers. Yesterday I made one myself – only with things that I found in the shed!

Now he can come!  The table consists of a flower frame, which I bought last year for 2 euros at the flea market and painted light gray!

Now he can come!  On the back wall of the shed is a good place for that because the table is covered by it.

Now he can come!  A galvanized flower box now serves as a shelf …

Now he can come!  Now he can come!  The board I found in the shed, it happened to fit perfectly! I attached it to the wall with hinges, so now I have a great box for earth with lid!

Now he can come!  I poured the flower tub out of concrete last year …

Now he can come!  So, now you have survived the flood of images! I just had to show you my planting table because it was created by accident, which makes me all the more happy! I just wanted to clean up the corner behind the shed and then more and more things fell into my hands that I needed! So if you bring your garden to fruition, look, if you can make something out of the ole side table or the rest of the boards of the terrace building ?!

Or you sit down with a coffee on the couch and discuss the topic in theory ­čśë

Greetings and a nice weekend for you! Catherine

Now he can come!

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