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Moodboard Spring

May 6, 2019
Moodboard Spring

I do not know why I came into spring mood today in the worst weather. Actually, I only wanted to show you the Easter eggs that I made with the children. When I wanted to take a photo of the nests, I found more and more things that had to be on the picture, so that a kind of spring Easter mood board was created.

Moodboard Spring  Hach, I love pastel colors in spring! For the feather garland, I glued feathers (very nice in mint green from depot) with hot glue on a ribbon.

A few weeks ago, on a poster, I put together pictures of the blog and papers that make up the spring for me:

Moodboard Spring  Moodboard Spring  These are the Easter eggs that we made from tissue paper and craft glue. Since there is still something going on until Easter, they serve as shells for all sorts of things.

Moodboard Spring  They are made easy: A small bowl is covered with cling film on the outside. Then strips of tissue paper are glued with Bastelleim, which I have diluted with water.

Moodboard Spring  I have to admit that I really do not like Easter decoration at all. If I find a vintage particle like the colorful eggs made of wood, ok. But painting eggs or blowing them out is not fun at all. Since we hardly eat eggs because my son is allergic to it, it’s going to be difficult anyway. That’s why I always try to make mood with delicate colors.

How is it with you, you have it already springlike at your home? Do you do the full program with Easter decorations and such?

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Moodboard Spring

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