Mini WM DIY: Germany hair clip

May 16, 2019
Mini WM DIY: Germany hair clip

Before the last match in Germany, I showed you my Last Minute WM DIY hair clips on Facebook and on Instagram . And hey, after the game, I had three mails in the mailbox, which all have a step by step instructions wished. And because the next Germany game is already tomorrow, I thought, I simply put the hair clips as a small DIY creative DIY. They are really so easy that you can start even 10 minutes before the game.

WM DIY Germany hair clip

You need…

  • A Germany Hawaiikette (there are currently everywhere for about 1 to 2 euros)
  • hairpins
  • A bit (black) fabric
  • scissors
  • Hot glue gun

How to do it

1. Separate the Hawaiian chain and pull the flowers from the belt. The hot glue gun calmly turn it on.

2. Cut out of the fabric two small round circles, something as big as the center of the flowers. Push the first circle between the hairpin and glue the other on top. So you have a base on which you can stick the flowers.

3. Then successively stick two black flowers onto the circle of fabric by placing a dab of glue in the middle and laying the flowers flat on them and pressing them down.

4. I folded the yellow and red flowers first in the middle and then folded them again and fixed something with glue. Then you can also press the tip of it into a little dab of glue in the middle of the black flower. Finished!

Then tinker quickly and then hopefully fluppt the game tomorrow!



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Mini WM DIY: Germany hair clip

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