Mini Oreo Nutella Cheesecakes

May 15, 2019
Mini Oreo Nutella Cheesecakes

Today I have a special treat for you: Mini Oreo Nutella Cheesecakes. The recipe is very simple and delicious.

Mini Oreo Nutella Cheesecakes – Bake for two

In the combination of chocolate and cream cheese, I am always a bit skeptical – the chocolate version of a well-known large brand of fresh cheese does not really taste like that. That’s why I usually have classic cheesecake. But recently in the supermarket I could not resist the Nutella and stood at the cashier next to a huge Oreo lookalike pack on offer – that screamed loudly for Oreo Nutella Cheesecakes! As a precaution I first “only” baked two small cheesecakes. Depending on the Schokomonsteranteil in you enough for two to four people. I liked it very much!

Mini Oreo Nutella Cheesecakes

That’s what you need – Mini Oreo Nutella Cheesecakes

The amount is enough for two small cheesecakes. My molds have about 8 cm in diameter. I use this baking sheet for small tarts *, you can bake up to 12 small cakes on it – but you can also use variable for only 2 cheesecakes. Alternatively, you can just use small cake rings or the like.

For the ground

  • 100 grams of Oreokekse
  • 1 teaspoon of butter

For the cheesecakes

  • 160 grams of cream cheese
  • (maybe one, two teaspoons of sugar)
  • 90 grams of Nutella
  • Some fresh vanilla
  • 1 egg
  • 50 milliliters of cream

In addition, a few Oreokekse as decoration

Mini Oreo Nutella Cheesecakes – that’s how it’s done

Mini Oreo Nutella Cheesecakes

First prepare the ground by chopping up the oreos (including stuffing) in a lightning chopper. Alternatively you can crush them in a freezer bag with the rolling pin. When I use Oreokekse as a ground, I never use much butter, because they also stick something through the filling. Melt about 1 teaspoon of butter and stir it under the crumbs. Then you can press them firmly on the bottom of your forms.

For the cheesecake you then stir the cream cheese with the Nutella. I add some vanilla from a vanilla grinder. Since Nutella is very sweet, I personally do not need any more sugar in the cake. If you like it sweet you can add one or two teaspoons. Then stir in the eggs and cream and pour the mixture gently into the molds. Bake the Nutella cheesecakes at 150 degrees with preheated oven for about 40 minutes. Let it cool in the oven and then keep it cold for at least 2 hours. Only then do they have the right cheesecake consistency. A few Oreos as decoration on top …. Yummy!

Enjoy the meal,


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Mini Oreo Nutella Cheesecakes

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