Mini DIY: postcards from posters

May 15, 2019
Mini DIY: postcards from posters

Today there is a very small, but very fast upcycling DIY idea: postcards from posters!

Postcards from posters

Yes, the DIY idea today is really as simple as it sounds: make postcards from your old posters! Actually so easypeasy, that I did not want to make a blog post out of it, but then I thought, maybe that saves even a poster in front of the garbage or dust on the cabinet. I came up with the idea when I hung this old poster.

Mini DIY: postcards from posters

Actually, I could not see it for years, but it was a Urlaubsmitbringsel and somehow each time rescued in the next cleanup round. But then I had a great DIY idea that wanted to be implemented immediately and that took its place. Will betray soon, of course! And zack, I had already cut the poster into small cards that have now arrived at the other end of the world and hopefully make a white wall a bit more colorful! And the best thing about postcards from postcards is: theoretically they can be reassembled by the recipient! Postcard puzzle so!

Mini DIY: postcards from posters

Have fun while copying,


PS: Take an envelope as a measure, so you do not have to pay postage!

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Mini DIY: postcards from posters

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