Mini DIY: lucky pig

May 15, 2019
Mini DIY: lucky pig

Sometimes you have to have pig! If you know someone who needs one more, then this is the perfect gift idea! In a few minutes you can conjure up this sweet lucky pig made of felt.

lucky pig

Everyone is happy about a little lucky charm. The pig in the picture did my sister Rike, after the two instructions for handicrafts with felt we have already presented here on creative fever. The and ! If you want to read the technique exactly, then look again, here comes the short version!

You need

Mini DIY: lucky pig

  • felt
  • yarn
  • needle
  • scissors
  • Filling material (can also be a felt residue)
  • Maybe paper for a template

That’s how it’s done

Mini DIY: lucky pig

1. Draw all pieces and cut them out of the felt.

2. Embroider all the items and details like eyes, making sure you hit the right side.

3. Sew the front and back together and stuff the lucky pig out.

Done is the lucky pig!


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Mini DIY: lucky pig

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