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Long-term projects

April 21, 2019
Long-term projects

This week I can not motivate myself at all, are you the same? I see it as a great achievement to have gotten up and to have finished the children for the kindergarten, then comes a mish-mash of tiredness, rain, a little housework and the longing for my bed! In order to stifle this approach of spring tiredness or whatever that is supposed to be in the bud, I have exactly planned the project that has been sitting on my neck for months and to which I had to get up again: the photo albums of the children on the bring up to date.

Long-term projects

Can I just hear a murmur going through the rows? Pretty much every one of us has a computer full of pictures that you NEVER have to glue! Why not start tonight (or does anyone have any hope that maybe something exciting will be on TV?).

If you do not know where to start in the chaos, let’s start planning!

1. Pick out photos

I have two folders created. In one I have done all the pictures that I wanted to develop. Then I sent them online to develop and two days later they were there. In the other folders, I have pictures from a same series and sentiment pictures that I have printed myself. I always like it when you not only have page-filling pictures, but also printed very small, which can be arranged as a collage.

2. Search for material

My cabinets in the studio are full of crafting material of all kinds. I’ve put everything that I would like to use on a tray, then the table is not cluttered full and you have everything at a glance. I found nice (gift) paper, stamps, stickers (especially letters), washi tape and tapes of all kinds. Then a good pair of scissors, glue, photo adhesive and you have everything together.

3. The design

When designing the pages, I make sure that I pick up the colors in the pictures. Thus, despite patterned paper always creates a harmonious overall picture. Often I arrange pictures according to seasons or months, but sometimes also on a theme suitable (on one side you only see pictures of our daughter as a baby in all kinds of sleeping situations and of course, of us, as we are next to it).
I admire all who do scrapbooking and can create perfectly coordinated collages. Everything is a bit chaotic for me, but that’s what makes it fun for me – just start and see what comes out!

Long-term projects

Here are a few pictures from my albums (in the rainy weather typical bad quality). I do not want to show you how to do that today, but encourage you to get yourself up for this great project! Once you’ve started, it’s really fun and afterwards it feels like you’ve created a document as meaningful in its scope as the first cavemen with their murals!

What is your motivation at the moment? Do you have any projects that you have been putting in front of you for a long time?

A nice weekend for you! Catherine

Long-term projects

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