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Living room in April

April 20, 2019
Living room in April

I know, I should have saved myself, but I could not help it and yesterday I cleaned up the living room. Now, slowly returning to normal, it seems like I’ve been on vacation for a week (only that it was a pretty bad holiday). I brought out my new carpet, which I have actually had for two months and conjured up a bit of pink on the couch.

Living room in April  Living room in April

I love this little wooden box since I found it in the shed!

Living room in April  You can decorate everything in it and it always looks well-ordered …

Living room in April

Living room in April  I like to exhibit my favorite interior design books because the covers are so pretty.

Living room in April  That’s him, my new carpet! I could just keep buying new rugs because they are changing a space with few resources. (He’s from urban outfitters, in case anyone cares)

Living room in April  And again from the perspective of a cuckoo, happy chirping his song from the spring …

Thank you for your tips to get well yesterday, I have followed the same advice and was with the children walk (which we anyway every day in good weather). But walking through the sun yesterday did a great job for me and filled up the battery. Now I’m sure I’ll be through the week, until it’s finally spring!

Final spurt girls, from next week my posts are read over coffee on the balcony! For all those who now also have animal desire to clean up, I have the perfect song to clean here , while the rag swings all by itself! And now the quiz question: what wonderful movie is that song?

Greetings Katharina

Living room in April

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