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Little pleasures

April 20, 2019
Little pleasures

Wow, so many nice comments to my jewelry box – thank you for that! I think it’s great that so many girls of different ages are gathered here – and everyone has such a positive attitude that it’s really contagious!

Little pleasures  Fittingly, I’ll show you a few photos of the living room, because with me just everything is green and blooming!

Little pleasures  Our plum tree had to let a few feathers – but nature has to attribute that to itself! Since this year everything is still in hibernation, you have to get the flowers into the house!

Little pleasures  The violas were meant for outdoor use. Because it is too cold, I have planted them in egg cups. Maybe I use them as table decoration at Easter and put them on every plate …

So, I’ll bake something with chocolate now! No more with spring diet and light food! Eating is the only thing that keeps me afloat at the moment – that’s logical, because fat floats up bekannt

round greetings! Catherine

Little pleasures

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