Hanging herb garden

December 18, 2018
Hanging herb garden

Do you always have so little space on your kitchen windowsill? For me, it looks quite bad: Bread box, blender, boards and house plants jostle close to each other and the rinsed bottles squeeze themselves to dry in between … and where should now please the fresh herbs? Which are way-to-cold outside, but which would go in under the shadow of the windowsill population?

Hanging herb garden

Oh, and what are you doing with those ole juice bottles that are without pledge (uh, so for me it is exceptionally NO juice bottles but, shame on my head, reusable bottles … ideally you take but please SAFT BOTTLES, ok?)? Throw away? Nah, too much! With this DIY you can solve the window sill dilemma and the juice bottle gulp in one go: just make a hanging herb garden out of it!

Whether you hang him by the window, in the conservatory or the mini-balcony is not good, it always looks great and makes room! Here we go:

You need this:

  • plastic bottle
  • cutter
  • scissors
  • Cordless screwdriver & small drill approx. 4mm
  • spray Paint
  • possibly adhesive dots
  • crochet hook
  • Yarn, wool or similar

Hanging herb garden

And so it becomes gamacht:

  1. From the bottle with the cutter cut off the lower part. That does not have to be exact because:
  2. Now you cut the edge with the scissors again nice and clean!
  3. With the screwdriver about 5 mm from the edge, drill a hole every 12 mm. Possibly. Smooth edge and holes with some sandpaper.
  4. Stick adhesive dots on the plastic or just spray on the whole bottle part in color. Let it dry well. Remove adhesive dots.
  5. Use the crochet hook to pick up a stitch through each hole, knot a loop and pull it onto the needle, then thread the thread through the hole from back to front, pull thread through the hole and pull through both stitches on the needle. To the next hole and repeat, etc. In the second row in each tensioning thread, work a slit stitch and then three air mesh, then another slit stitch in the next tensioning thread etc. At the end crochet one length chain and crochet on the other side, so you have one Hanger for the pot.
  6. If you are not the crooks, you can just thread a thread through it and hang the pot on it.
  7. Pot herbs and hang the potty on the window.

Of course you can also hang flowers in the window, the spring in the pot can now buy in any supermarket ­čśë

I wish you a great upcycling Tuesday , maybe you’ll win my book today at Creadienstag – good luck!

xoxo Johanna

Hanging herb garden

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