DIY flowerpot wall

March 11, 2019
DIY flowerpot wall

DIY flowerpot wall

Today there is a giant project. The flowerpot wall has become really a great gift idea. For example, you could simply plant and give away daisies or lucky clover. But it is also suitable for the kitchen herbs on the kitchen wall or for crafting stuff in the study.

That’s what you need for the flowerpot wall

  • small flowerpots
  • A board
  • A natural fiber band
  • screw
  • fastening hooks
  • spray Paint
  • round stickers
  • Painters Tape
  • wood paint
  • wire
  • hammer
  • scissors
  • pincers
  • Paint roller and drip grid for the paint

DIY flowerpot wall

So you make a flowerpot wall

1. First, the sweet flower pot embellished. This with my favorite method , which I have already used with the bottle vases or the romantic lanterns .

But you can let your imagination run wild and stick with pattern tape or the dot stickers pattern. Press firmly. Then spray well with the spray paint over it. Then wait about an hour and apply a second coat if necessary. When everything is dry again, you can carefully remove the stickers and you have beautiful, original flower pots.

2. Now the suspension board for the flowerpot wall is tinkered. For this we paint the board once in a charming color. The most beautiful it is, if you do not apply it too thick and the grain still shines through. Let it dry well.

In the next step you have to measure where the screw hooks have to be positioned. Beautifully centered and with enough space, if you want to hang several flower pots with each other or next to each other.

Now the hanging hooks should be placed and hammered on the back. Then the hooks on the front can be screwed in.

DIY flowerpot wall

3. The next step is tinkering with a potty hanging system . After some back and forth I have found a holder that works. For this you make a ring with wire , which is placed relatively close to the lower part of the flower pot. Then you cut off a piece of rope . This is then attached to two opposite sides of the wire. The band must be so long that it lies relatively straight above the opening. It should not be too long, then the flower pot does not hang so stable, rather a little too tight. Another piece of rope is then wrapped around the wire for decorative purposes, so that it is no longer so clearly visible.

DIY flowerpot wall

Now you can hang the flowerpot on the hook and you have your own flowerpot wall.

DIY flowerpot wall

So if that’s not irritating, I do not know.



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DIY flowerpot wall

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