Canned vases upcycling

October 9, 2018
Canned vases upcycling

Imagine, you get a few beautiful flowers, but you do not have a small vase in which even one or two flowers can stand nicely. Or you do not have any budget left over for your party decoration and it just lacks beautiful color spots. What you need then are just some soda cans and some spray paint and you can make the sweetest flower vases. Yes, today there is a canned vase upcycling project here.

Canned vases upcycling

Canned vases upcycling

Canned vases upcycling

Especially if you fold the cans a bit and combine different pastel shades, the vases get a really nice springlike look.

So I quickly got a couple of cans of beer from the supermarket and asked the Dutchman kindly but please help me quickly to drink. However, a common problem with waste upcycling projects is that over a period of time, you have to stop throwing the upcycling material into the bin in thoughtlessness. But fine, at some point we had overcome the problem then.

Canned vases upcycling

Canned vases upcycling – the material

  • beverage cans
  • Spray paint * (for example in pastels)
  • Eventually can opener
  • Sprühunterlagen

DIY canned vases: And that’s the way it works

First, the cans are well cleaned. If you want, you can also simply remove the top of the can with a can opener. Then more flowers will fit in as well.

Then you spray the cans in at least two Sprühgängen opaque. Spray outside with a distance of at least 10 to 20 centimeters and put everything well with newspaper or cardboard. Always wait for the paint to dry before spraying the second coat so the paint does not run down. Since the cans are smooth, this can happen quickly.

If the can is dry and you can handle it without problems, then push it a little bit. If cracks develop in the color, you can spray over it again afterwards.

And you already have a colorful upcycling vase.

Canned vases upcycling

PS: Look, we have here come up with a few more spring-like ideas for the Easter table for the site of Kaufland.

Happy upcycling,

your Maike

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Canned vases upcycling

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